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Our Association

The non-profit Association “Un Gancio al Parkinson” was founded in 2018: at the moment it is the only organization conducting studies and obtaining fantastic results in improving the quality of life of people living with Parkinson.​

The project also includes:

As studies have shown, exercise for Parkinson’s patients needs to be intense and has a neuroprotective effect.
The first study started in Italy by “Un Gancio Al Parkinson” in 2019, was conducted on 15 patients, with pre and post treatment tests.

Our mission

Our non-profit Association “Un Gancio al Parkinson” (literally translated: “A Hook To Parkinson's”), aims to improve the quality of life of those living with Parkinson's disease by using training similar to boxing and study the long-term effects of such activity. The results have been extremely positive, showing improvement in all parameters, encouraging us to continue the program and welcoming more and more patients.


Training Lab Firenze

McGowan Institute for regenerative Medicine – Pittsburgh University

Ohio University

University of Florence – Italy

UPMC Institute for Health Chianciano Terme

What Comes Next

In 2020 fall, the number of participants has grown exponentially and we are aiming to start training and study as soon as possible – in strict adherence to Italian Covid-19 regulations.

For info, please call: +39 055 3830564 or email

Scientific Committee


Silvia Ramat, M.D.

Neurology Department
University of Florence

Daniele Volpe, M.D.

Physiatry and Gerontology Specialist
Villa Margherita Hospital (Vicenza)
Director – Fresco Parkinson Institute

Dr. Paola Vanni

Chief Neurology Department
Santa Maria Annunziata (Firenze)

Prof. Dustin Grooms, PhD

Associate Director
Ohio Musculoskeletal and Neurological Institute
Ohio University

Dr.ssa Roberta Marongiu, PhD

Neurologist – Weill Cornell Brain and Mind Institute of New York. (Dr. Marongiu created the StoPD, Foundation four years ago.  Her methods and protocols are followed at the Training Lab for Parkinson’s patients)

Dr.ssa Monica Norcini

Pharm.D, PhD
Langone Institute of New York, Center of Excellence for Parkinson’s research and treatment.

Alex Montaldo

Clinical Psychologist
StoPD, Foundation
New York, NY

Professor Fabrisia Ambrosio, PhD

University of Pittsburgh
Specialist in Regenerative Rehabilitation

Maurizio Bertoni, M.D.

Orthopaedic Surgeon
Centro Training Lab Firenze

Stefano Cappelli

Training Lab

Dario Ballini

Training Lab

Andrea Rizzuto

Training Lab

Your help

Our Associations lives thanks to the contributions of people such as yourself, who care about the life quality of patients living with Parkinson’s.

Help us help them!

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Contact us

Un Gancio Al Parkinson on Facebook

Presidente: dr. Maurizio Bertoni
Vice presidente: avv. Massimiliano Baldesi
Segretario: dr. Attilio Coco

Cristina Landini Vannuzzi
Elisabetta Rogai
dr.ssa. Paola Vanni
Simone Vannuzzi