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Slow, clean gestures, it looks like a boxer's game, a hook to the right, a step to return to guard, dodge and return to stability without hesitation, a shout, a hurrah, this also serves for the vocal chords, dry, cadenced commands for practice that serve to coordinate the limbs and improve posture, walking and breathing skills... a real hook for Parkinson's.

At the Training Lab Centre directed by Dr. Maurizio Bertoninon-contact boxing courses for people suffering from Parkinson's started in 2018, run by professional boxers, such as Dragan Lepei Italian champion in the Supermedi category, who attended a training course to join the Florentine Centre's medical team in order to teach the innovative strategy that Dr Bertoni imported from the States. Today, according to Dr. Maurizio Bertoni, boxing can be a deterrent to slow down the otherwise devastating course of the disease that struck and stopped Cassius Clay.

Boxing, said the renowned orthopaedist, is one of the oldest sports in the world is also one of the most complete, precisely because practising this discipline develops coordination of movements, especially between arms and legs, and muscular harmony. It is therefore a useful discipline for the improvement of certain qualities that are often lost either through age or precisely due to neurodegenerative diseases. and non-contact boxing is the softest and most complete discipline to combat muscle stiffening due to Parkinson's'.


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